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10/16/2013 7:53 AM

Welcome to the ATA Forum / Message Boards

Thank you for your interest in the ATA Forum/Message Boards.  Please utilize this forum as a venue to discuss not only ATA registered trapshooting but trapshooting in general with fellow ATA members.

The use of this forum is a privilege and made available to all ATA members.  This privilege may be revoked should individual users choose to violate forum rules or if their presence impairs other users from enjoying the forum. We ask that all users of this forum keep the content clean; free of propaganda, inappropriate images, vulgar language and personal attacks on one-another.

Although this forum is moderated by the ATA office and will see activity and support from ATA officials, this is not the place to write an “open letter” to the ATA.  Any concerns individuals may have with his or her ATA membership, scores, rules interpretation, website, etc. should be sent directly to the ATA office.  Any concerns, comments or ideas individuals may have for changes or improvements to the Association should be directed to your ATA Delegate or Zone Vice President.  Contact information for these individuals can be found on this website.  Posts directed at the ATA in a blatant attack to spawn negativity will be removed immediately. 

The views and opinions of ATA officials that post to this forum are those of the individual posting; and do not necessarily reflect those of the ATA.

General Disclaimer:
ATA is not responsible for the opinions expressed on this forum. Content posted on this forum may not be representative of ATA and/or may not be original material published by ATA. 

HomeHomeTrapshootingTrapshootingGeneral Trapsho...General Trapsho...Forum Rules & GuidelinesForum Rules & Guidelines

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