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5/28/2016 7:32 PM

I just purchased a new computer with Windows 10 and just tried to print my average card. I also had a blank screen. Help!

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5/28/2016 10:42 PM
 Are you using Edge for a browser or something else ?  I realize that I am not much help for a Windows 10 question and I wish someone else would reply to this.

I am still using Windows 7 of course but I just tried the ATA website using Internet Explorer 11 instead of Firefox and the Average Card link on the My ATA page still works for me. I think the Average Card link works with Google Chrome so I suspect the problem is the new Edge browser.




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6/19/2016 11:16 AM

Thank you for your reply. I'll try your suggestion.

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6/19/2016 4:04 PM

I posted the question to trapshooters.com  about using the new Edge Browser on Windows 10 to print your ATA Average Card and the following reply came back:

 "I just went into My ATA through the Edge browser all the links except "average card" work. If I use Chrome or Firefox the average card opens. I suggest using a different browser to accomplish what you want."


New Post
6/30/2016 1:02 AM

Microsoft does it again. Internet explorer is not Internet explorer any longer. It is now an app, not a program and the code that should cause the card to display is not working. The fix is to download Google Chrome and use it to view and print your card.

HomeHomeTrapshootingTrapshootingGeneral Trapsho...General Trapsho...Average cardAverage card

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