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1/15/2014 11:14 AM

After initially showing these in the General discussion there seems to be alot of old reloaders that would want a quality hopper box that dont want to spend ALOT of money. These hoppers are made of quality MDF with precision rabbits and routes to make EZ assembly. Each box will hold 1000 wads! or 500 12 Gauge hulls! They are shipped ready to assemble and can be painted to color of your choice. 25.00 per box 50.00 pair plus 19.00 freight. 69.00 Shipped to your door USA.

PM me and let me know you are sending a check along with your shipping address, checks will not be cashed until yours are ready to ship.

Send checks to: Tim Lindstrom 10500 Princeton Road Hickman, Ne. 68372

Here are some pics of a set before paint and after.

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2/3/2014 6:51 PM

Hey Tim,

I like the hoppers, Unfortuanatly i already biult a set, My reason for responding is, after browsing your pics on your bucket list, I was fascinated by your shot dripper tank, I was wondering if you might be willing to share your circulation desighn and the way you seperate the shot. I was also interested in your shot dryer. I'm guessing that the small cement mixer is for graphiting the shot. Would you, and could be share the screening and desighnes.


Earnest "Dale" Barnes

You can email me At: EDBarnes1974@gmail.com


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4/9/2014 7:50 AM

Thank you for your kind words.  Email has been sent.

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1/22/2015 5:58 AM
Tim - Are you still doing these? Holidays were busy for all. Just wanted to see if you could tell me how long it might take. Thanks.
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4/13/2015 5:21 PM


I am wanting a couple of your wad/hull dispensers.  Would you mind giving me the information so that I could order from you?

Thanks much

John Copenhaver

Burns, Oregon


HomeHomeFor SaleFor SaleItems For Sale ...Items For Sale ...Ultimate wad hopper for sale with videoUltimate wad hopper for sale with video

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