www.aim4ata.com The OFFICIAL youth program of the Amateur Trapshooting Association

The total fee for any eligible ATA member to participate in AIM is $25. ATA annual membership for those under the age of 18 is $12 and AIM membership is $13. For participants 18 and older ATA membership is $20 and AIM membership is $5. All AIM membership fees are applied to AIM program costs (awards, scholarships and promotion of youth shooting). All AIM members are eligible to participate in any ATA registered event or tournament, including the Grand American, throughout the year.

Many AIM teams are a result of team participation in other youth shooting programs such as: 4H, FFA, Boy Scouts of America, American Legion & State Conservation. All members of these programs are welcome to be a part of AIM and can invite their friends to participate as well. Special awards are available at the AIM Grand Championships for Teams/Squads representing these organizations.

Categories (based on age) are established on the first day of the target year. The Shooter’s individual category will remain the same throughout the target year for all events, awards and AIM Annual Teams.

Example: If a shooter was 14 years old on September 1, 2012, but turned 15 on December 8, 2012, their age that target year would still be 14 (Sub-Junior).

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