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For the AIM Online Handicap Championships (Oct. 6-7 & 13-14, 2012), participants will participate in a 100 registered target handicap event at their local gun club. Individuals may elect to shoot on the weekend of Oct. 6th or Oct. 13th as their schedules permit.

This is a national level competition. Geographic ATA Zones will not be a factor. Shooters will have the ability to compete with shooters from every state/province.

AIM Online Handicap Shoot FAQ

Q) Does the gun club need to do anything special?
A) No, the gun club just needs to run the shoot like they would any other registered event and submit their shoot report after the shoot has concluded.

Q) Is the Online Handicap Championships Shoot Free?
A) Yes, there is no charge to participate in the AIM Online Handicap Championships. However, you must be an AIM and ATA Member and depending on the club you shoot at, regular registered shoot fees will apply.

Q) Can Participants sign up for AIM at the shoot, or do they have to be a member before they sign up?
A) Participants can sign up for the AIM Program at the shoot and do not have to be a member before the shoot and there are no requirements to be met.

Q) When will results be posted and where?
A) The results will be posted on this website in the "Shoots+Results" section. Results will be posted after scores have been verified against the shoot report form that was submitted by the gun club and have been calculated.

Q) At what yardage will participants need to shoot from?
A) Participants will shoot from their assigned ATA Yardage. If a participant is not sure of their yardage; it can be found in the Shooter Information Center. The Shooter Information Center can be searched using an ATA number or by name.

Q) I am a coach trying to create squads. Who can shoot together?
A) The ATA Rules and By Laws state: In Handicap there shall be no more than two (2) yards difference between adjacent shooters in a squad, and no more than a total difference of three (3) yards in a squad. If 18, 19 or 20 yard shooters are adjacent shooters in the squad, there shall be no more than a total difference of two (2) yards in the squad. (page 14, Section IV, G-2)

Q) Who submits the scores?
A) Although the participants will be shooting registered targets; it is the coach’s responsibility to submit all scores for participants of the AIM Online Handicap Championships.

Q) How will trophies be awarded?
A) Click here to view how trophies will be distributed



Individual ties will be broken by reverse sub event. In the event that a participant breaks a 100 straight, they are to shoot 25 bird sub-events (5 per post) until they miss a target. The results of each subsequent sub-event are to be turned in with the scores also. Coaches should retain the score sheet for each tie-breaking 25 bird sub-event that follows the regular 100 target AIM Online event.

Winners of the 2012 AIM Online Handicap Championships will be announced on www.aim4ata.com after the winners have been determined and their scores have been verified using the registered shoot report that is sent in by the gun club.

Time is UP for score submission. Please review the preliminary listing of shooters and scores. Email aim@shotoata.com with any changes or edits that need made. Corrections must be received by Monday November 5, 2012.

AIM Online Handicap Prelim Results


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