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All-American Team Standings

Dear Members, 

Extensive changes were made to the ATA's All American system during this year's Grand American. The changes are explained in detail in the 2018 ATA Official Rules (http://www.shootata.com/Portals/0/pdf/ata_rulebook_web.pdf). These changes require extensive revisions to the All American reporting area of the ATA website.

Software development has begun to encompass the changes, but in the meantime the reports below have been prepared to give you a listing of the standings to date for the current year. As additional 2019 AA points (based on 2018 performance) shoots occur, these reports will be updated.

Thank you for your patience.

Summary By Tournament

Heartland Satellite Grand

Atlantic Provinces

MI Fall Team

Westy Hogans

Northeastern Satellite Grand

MO Fall Handicap

Dixie Satellite Grand

NV State Shoot

Pre-Autumn Satellite Grand

Autumn Satellite Grand

Middletown Fall

New Zealand Championship

Look-up All-American Team standings from any previous year below. Simply select the year, then the category to view results.




To View The All-American Team Archives beginning with 1927, Please Click Here!

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